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Hi!How can we controll motors and other stuff by using computer through the serial ports.If so,then can we design the software to control that motor or any other device in visual

Please notify me with any links related to the above question.

For controlling DC motors:

For controlling servos:

Serial port info:

Basically all you do is write a program that causes your computer to send out a signal to your serial port. Then connect that pin outputting the signal as the control line of your circuitry, as described in those links.

A few years ago I made an LED blink from my serial port with a program written in C. You just connect a resistor (to limit current!!!!!) to a pin in your serial port. Then an LED to the resistor. And finally attach the other end of the LED to the ground pin on your serial port.

Just be careful to not apply a voltage or allow more than a few mA of current to pass to your serial port. If you do, its bad ju ju for your computer making it do bad fire like things . . . .

Yes, all electronics actually run on smoke... that's why its bas when you let it out!
A fairly cheap option for stuff like this is the National Instruments USB-6008 DAQ card. I think the site is Comes with a free student copy of LabView too.
I'm almost certain it has 8 outputs and inputs for both analogue and digital.

You can read the inputs from Labview, interperet them with a labview program (very simple, good for learning) and create your own output...

Thats the link:

I used DAQ input only hardware from another company, complete with labview, but it was only able to take 10 readings per second - sucky speed for robots.

 . . . so make sure it can run at the frequency you want . . .

The USB-6008 will give you a digital input sampling resolution of 5MHz which should be plenty.


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