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Communist Robot Revolution


My friend and I are making a site devoted to robots. Come check it out. Its still in the early stages but we are working fast to get content up as quickly as possible.

I like some of the stuff on your site, like the large list of robots. I think it is useful for inspirational ideas. We should have our sites collaborate, instead of compete.

I am basically saying we find a way to promote each other's sites in a mutually beneficial way, making up where we lack on our own sites. Im not looking for a quickie google ranking fix, I am looking for a way to 'enhance the user experience' as they say.

Interested? Ideas?

Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. You can email me at [email protected] Right now we are still building our site. Everyday we try to add content but its hard. I like your site, a lot of useful information and we would like to collaborate. So email me and lets see what we can do. Thanks.



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