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Robot Dynamics Tutorial- Units query

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Why dont you have the robot communicate wirelessly with a computer instead? They got many wireless webcams out there. Your PC can then just transmit the highly processed data back to a MCU on ur bot . . .

Search this forum for wireless, webcam, and bluetooth. Others have asked bout it too . . .

My next tutorial is bluetooth wireless communication with a robot . . . should be done within a week.

while not always the best advice but if you are on a tight budget if the current is above the motor controllers rating (within reason) you can usually heat sink it and not have any problems.(I have a controller rated at 1.8A and it has routinely handles 3A for the past 7 months)

I've had major problems finding appropriate DC motors in UK. I'm thinking that if I replace the SLA battery with NiMH I'll save close to 4lbs weight. The other thing is that the robot will basically always be 2WD and so the torque requires can be divded between the motors.

With this I should just about be able get the laptop powered robot to travel at ~1ft/s.
The Machine lab MMP-5 has 4wd, each motor I'm pretty sure is identical to the motors I can buy in the UK (under the motor section they reference the use in their MMP robots, the spec is almost identical to those I can get in the UK).

The MMP5 robot weighs 4.5lb and has 4lb rated pay load. That weight will be similar to the weight of my robot if I use NiMH cells. They rate a speed of 3.5 ft a second. If I want a mere 1ft/s and have only 2 motor this should work out. Although it does ignore the fact that the 3.5ft/s is most probably unladen.

Of course, there is always the 4wd option.....

Consider lithium batteries, they are lighter than NiMH, but will cost more . . .

Yea with 2WD, each wheel just needs half that torque . . . Just note that it is possible to have an extremely low torque yet still have a high peak velocity. When I first started making robots I had trouble with two things more than anything else - finding motors, and motor drivers - so I completely understand.

But from what you mention, it should all work anyway. Let me know how it goes!


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