Author Topic: FBOOT for Axon/Axon II: version for Linux and OS X  (Read 3405 times)

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FBOOT for Axon/Axon II: version for Linux and OS X
« on: January 09, 2010, 11:52:06 PM »

Danni's bootloader (fast tiny & mega UART bootloader) is fast and tiny, and works on many AVRs just by including the part's ".INC" assembly description file.

Its only short-coming is that the program that talks to the bootloader is written for DOS, with at least one Windows version floating around the net.

Then, Andreas Butti contributed an almost-working linux version here:

Finally yours truly finished it off and made it work on OS X and Linux.

ATmega164P @ 18.432 MHz; 200 MHz Linux/ARM9 SBC @ 115200 baud
Flash/Verify: 13563 bytes in 2.51 seconds
Verify: 13563 bytes in 1.57 seconds

Options added in new version (1.1):
* Optional character sequence to send to AVR to initiate reboot
* Optional limit on retries to connect to AVR's bootloader
* Optional silencing of all output except errors
* Errors to stderr, exit 0 on success and -1 on failure


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