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Title: looking for advice on linier actuators
Post by: mr_clarkson on November 19, 2009, 04:25:11 PM
Hi, i was hopeing someone may be able to help me, its not robots  so much but i am trying to make a mechanical device......

basically, i own an vw campervan and want an automated lcd tv to slide out from the roof, heres my problem.....

i have looked at linier actuators but from what i can understand the tv would have to slide either straight up (pop up) or straight down (pop down) and run on roller/runners.

however, i would like the tv to lay flat, then slide out of the cupboard in that flat position, then once out fold down 90 degrees so it is in a normal tv position. all at the push of a button, then idealy it would need to self close aswell.

it would need to run on 12v and be fairly inexpensive for parts.

i just dont know what i need to look for to do the above. any ideas/advice would be most appreciated.