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Title: QSC16E
Post by: niedved on May 04, 2014, 12:31:32 PM
Hello to all,
I'm new in Robotic topic.
I've bought some hardware from china ;) MG996R metal gear servo x6 && 6 DOF Mechanical Arm 6 Axis 3D Rotation Robot Bracket and all looks good.

But I've also bought:
16 Channels Servo Motor Controller Robot Contorller Servo Driver for Arduino
link: (

but I cant contact with sellerHe dont send me any manual or software for PC to test it.
I've found that Controller is named: QSC16E
I've also find pdf about QSC32: (

And I've spend whole day to find software described in QSC32 pdf ;/ I can connect via terminal with QSC16E (via USB cable by (COMx)) but cant make any reaction of servos...

Any help, idea, suggestions  ?

Title: Re: QSC16E
Post by: jwatte on May 04, 2014, 02:38:22 PM
The problem with buying cut-rate cheapest-offer from China is that you often don't have a vendor there to support you.

There's a reason companies like SparkFun, Pololu, Adafruit, and the like charge more than the cheap Chinese eBay sellers. It costs money to run web sites, answer customer questions, and the like.

I recommend a Maestro servo controller from Pololu. It works well, and it has good support and instructions from Pololu. Their employees also answer questions in their forums.

I also think there's a version of the Axon that does servos, and is supported on this very site. As a bonus, buying that version will support this web site.
Title: Re: QSC16E
Post by: niedved on May 04, 2014, 02:46:16 PM
I'll gladly buy controllers You metion in few days but first I have to run this Chinese stuff ;) so if any body know something about it please help :P