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Need a little help getting started......
« on: January 17, 2011, 12:40:56 AM »
Good afternoon,

I'm working on a simple line following robot using an ATTINY85. I've got all the parts on order from solarbotics but I'm in the middle of an ordering SNAFU. So I ordered just a microcontroller from sparkfun. I thought while I waited for my shipping problem to get straightened out I would work on some programming.

I've never programmed anything from scratch. I've built the $50 robot a couple of times and made minor adjustments to the code there. I'm working on improving my skills but my progress has been very slow. I've spent the last few days reading tutorials on PWM and Analog to digital conversions. I've also spent some time reading through the data sheet. I'm very confused by all the different registers and how to set them up and read values.

I'm hoping someone would be willing to supply me with a basic program I can use to read ADC on ADC0, ADC3, and ADC2. I want to set up PWM on OC1A and OC1B. As I said I've read a LOT of tutorials and much of the data sheet but I'm confused.

Any help would be appreciated



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