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Title: Help with setting up Axon II
Post by: Kelpy on October 16, 2016, 04:36:55 AM
Hello people. It's been about 6 years since I last came on here, or indeed, played with robots.
About that time I made an ERP clone, but never got around to programming it, but have now finished construction and want to try some of John's ERP routines.
As time moves on, I am now using Windows 7 64bit, and am having trouble connecting to the Axon with Tera Term. (I haven't even got around to boot-loaders yet!!).
I have made sure the Port and speed (115200 baud) are the same on both, and the Axon lights up when I connect battery. But I get nothing on Tera Term.
Does anyone have any ideas? I have to say, I can't find the original USB lead that came with it, does that matter? ( Oh, as an aside, I'm using AVR Studio 4.18.716 )
Any help will be much appreciated, as I love the Axon 2.
Title: Re: Help with setting up Axon II
Post by: Gertlex on October 26, 2016, 09:40:00 PM
I would suggest checking out Webbotlib and WebbotlibStudio, but that's just what I use with AVR boards.

The USB cable is nothing special; just a USB Mini connector.

That said, these days I just use a 6pin ISP programmer and avrdude to write the .hex files to my boards, rather than using the bootloader (especially since the FBOOT.exe file is flaky on newer Windows OSes, iirc)