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New Humanoid robot project update - cloning Atlas


Greetings, I have been working a lot on my new robot project. Today I discuss the electronics. I will be using a lot of MPU6050 gyroscopes. I discuss a scheme to control up to x16 MPU6050 modules with a single Arduino.


 8)  excelsior!!!   8)

   Interesting video, very nice. Gyroscopes are important to the robot walking, no doubt.
I would venture a suggestion about looking into other raspberry pi products that already
use a gyroscopic module, but without the actual physical structure.

    Keep up the good videos!!!   ;D

 8) excelsior!   8)

  I see you added another video on to your original one - about using global variables exclusively.
When I am making small programs, making all variables global can be a great help. But, when my
program starts getting large, I find I must enclose local variables to functions, to keep from overwriting
other information on other variables. I used them so much, I have a variable overload, which wrote into a memory block in which it was not supposed to; and crashed my computer.
   Having learned that lesson, I got an experience of why functions are important, besides being cool.  8)

    So, there you have it!!

    If you want really powerful code, with very little statements, try FORTH. It is challenging, and not many programmers use it today. It is used in all the cool space stuff, so have a look at it!!

 :)  good luck   :)


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