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Mechanics and Construction / Re: Do you think this robot movement is useful?
« Last post by mklrobo on November 04, 2021, 12:18:48 PM »
 8)  excelsior!   8)

  I love this robot!!!!   ;D

   It looks like all the drive wheels can be moved independently, thus, making
turns on corners in cramped spaces a breeze.

   It first glance, I would think that a type of movement model could be articulated
to give a prediction of how effective this would be in a cramped environment.(like someone's house)

     I am wonder is 2 chassis could be used; one for traveling, and one for close quarters turning, a
chassis within a chassis?
Mechanics and Construction / Do you think this robot movement is useful?
« Last post by naffoff on November 02, 2021, 12:31:22 AM »
I am a self taught robotics enthusiast I have been building an all wheel drive robot using torque vectoring. It steers like a swerve drive but without the complicated drive-train. I am wondering if you know situations where the robot movement is useful?
Looking forward to all your replies!

Mechanics and Construction / Re: Automatic Ticket Dispenser
« Last post by mklrobo on October 13, 2021, 12:23:19 PM »
 8) excelsior!  8)

 Looks like a good idea; My first impressions of this is to find a real one, and adapt
that to what you need. If they are too expensive, you can get the plans to see how
the mechanical works, then follow the plans from there.

  The real issue here, is the control of how many tickets are awarded for a specific behavior,
and how will the tickets be used to work toward the prize?   :o Is  it a "get out of trouble" ticket?
Is it candy? is it a game console? Is it a trip to an amusement park? Pizza on Friday night?  ;D

   incrementing the tickets for a specific reward implies some kind of control code. Once the control
code is functional, then "map" that to the mechanical control to increment the tickets.  ;)

  Sound like fun, no matter what - I suspect the kids will be giving you "hints" of how big to make the
prizes!!   :) :)

  Good luck!  8)
Mechanics and Construction / Automatic Ticket Dispenser
« Last post by gurntham on October 13, 2021, 09:56:26 AM »
I would like to create a “token system” using raffle tickets to reward my children for achieving good grades, completing chores, etc.

What I envision is a lockable box with a ticket dispenser, a keypad, and a 2-digit LED numeric display so a parent can enter the number of tickets to dispense. Similar to this:

I would like to make it as compact, simple, and affordable as possible.

It would be great if I could also “password protect” it so a kiddo doesn’t just help themselves. Fingerprint scanner??

I’ll be honest… I’m a total noob.  So it would be immensely helpful if I could assemble a step-by-step guide on how to interface the components.

Here are some links to components I’ve found so far:
Ticket dispenser = https://ebay.to/2YLYCsJ or https://ebay.to/2YIHLY6
Numeric Key Pad = https://ebay.to/3DGePii or https://amzn.to/2YHmE8o

I welcome any suggestions, referrals, and guidance.
Thank you for your help!  8)
Mechanics and Construction / PsychoAndrotics
« Last post by mklrobo on September 05, 2021, 10:14:29 AM »
 :) excelsior!!   :)

  Hello again, all robot superheros!!  8)

  It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul; so
it could be implied this has a great bearing on the mind.

  I have been searching a long time for an AI software to control my robot, just like the rest of you.
I think I have found a software solution, in which I would share; I approached
the problem from the perspective of creating a new type of mind. A
strong label that will act like a "compass" to build upon!  :D

  I have named my "science" for the creation of the mind software,
to be  psychoandrotics.  -which means, the study of the
mind of the artificial man.   :o

   It is a catchy phrase, for sure, but has no substance without a
reference to build upon. I found the name of the software that
is used in IBM's Watson, which is named Monte Carlo.
Watson Artificial Intelligence won at Jepardy, helped solve crimes
& medical ailments such as cancers; also used in self driving cars.

  So, if you are looking for real good software to help build
your robot brain, may I suggest the Monte Carlo software
in the context of psychoandrotics?   ;D ;D

   I have provided some information to build your superior
robot body, and the foundation for your robot brain; now,
all you need is my new robot toy to complete your total robot!

  see you next time,  ;D same robot time, same robot channel!  ;D
Mechanics and Construction / super strong skeleton for your robot!
« Last post by mklrobo on September 04, 2021, 10:38:25 AM »
 :)  Excelsior!!   :)

    Welcome back to my post in creating a new type of robot toy, I am sure
everyone will want to use!

    In the making of the skeleton of my robot, I would recommend a new type of
substance to use on your robot; maybe even making it a humanoid-type robot!!

    hard to believe, I know, but technology has made some jumps forward in chemistry!!
I can not believe the robot scientists have not jumped on this concept, but here goes the
secret!!!    :-X :-X :-X

    GRAPHENE- One of the hardest substances know to man, and lighter than a feather, and cheap to make!!
 How to make it -  check our the graphene creation on the INSTRUCTABLES WEBSITE.

"This instructable is to show at least 6 different ways to make it . I prefer 2 electro chemical methods but it does not always work depending on the starting material. It is also probably the slowest method but it can create a very clean product. Does not work if you are using powdered graphite or artificial (made) graphite. Artificial graphite can never be used with any process."

   Now, why is this a secret sauce for your robot? Well, listen close, my robot superheros!!   :o

   The problem with humanoid robots, is that any metal weighs alot, and costs power on the servo driving it, and
kills the battery before the robot can do any work - well, that problem is solved!!
batteries come in 20 ampere/hour power levels now - in the size of a handheld calculator!
10 of these batteries could power your HOUSE for 1 hour!  :o Imagine that!!

   Now, imagine what you could do with a robot skeleton which weighs NOTHING, but stronger than steel!
the CPU takes milliwatts(raspberry pi), and the only thing that would weigh anything is the batteries and
the servos driving the robot!!   ;D ;D

   The servos are consuming the power, but in a limited fashion, depending on the work you have for the
robot. in other words, robots like in the movie Elysium, Chappie, and Real Steel could be MADE!  :o :o

  Incredible! I know, right!!?!  ::)

    So, keep that in mind when you start making your robot!!  ;)

  See you later,   8) same robot time, same robot channel!!  8)
Misc / Re: Hello from Brisbane Australia looking to connect with locals
« Last post by mklrobo on September 01, 2021, 05:58:40 AM »
 :)  hello from the United States, North Carolina!   :)

 ;D excelsior!   ;D

   Good to see another robot superhero from Australia!!! Welcome to the
forum - kinda deserted here, BUT, there is very interesting subjects
and concepts here!!

    I am coming our with my robotic toy, which I hope you will find

 see you next time!
Misc / Hello from Brisbane Australia looking to connect with locals
« Last post by galderdi on August 26, 2021, 06:32:44 PM »

As per the subject I am in Brisbane / SE QLD.

I have almost no experience with robotics but I am keen to get involved.
I do have experience with electronics, electrics and some grass roots (unqualified) engineering. I have previously built 2 Electric Vehicles and I am currently part way through my third EV.

I am looking to connect with locals robotics enthusiasts. Partly to expand my knowledge and experience but mostly to apply my existing skills and knowledge to augment existing projects. Please respond and let me know if there is a local group worth exploring. 
Mechanics and Construction / Toy applications, making YOU money!
« Last post by mklrobo on August 19, 2021, 05:59:36 AM »
 ;D  excelsior!   ;D

   Hello, robot superheros!!   8)

   I have had friends to help me explore the new applications of the robot toy I
am working on, and found out some business applications, which may help
a robotic superhero to make money at his hobby, especially with my toy!

   I had a friend who owns a local, small seasonal Halloween "theme" park. He needed some
attractions to spice up his park. Just by luck, I found a horror artist who has great ideas for
attractions, but can not make them.  :'( And so, there appeared an opportunity!  ;)

    I got to work with the artist to use the robotic boards to make his creations, which could be
rented at the theme park; so we would both make money!! Great, right?   ;)  gets better!!   :o

     I found a company called Horror Dome, which sells attractions for horror theme parks. The
selling prices are 10 to 30 times the cost of making the attractions, AND, they sell worldwide!!   $$$!

    Moral of the story is this: Take your own Axon or raspberry pi to create a horror attraction, then
test the "sellability" of the illusion on an audience in a local theme park; if it is a best seller, you can patent it and sell
it on Horror Dome, and have the potential to become rich!!!!!!!   ;D ;D ;D

   And there you have it, a practical reason to use your robotic superhero powers to keep on making
robots!!!   ;D

    8)   see you same robot channel, same robot time!!!   8)
For Sale / Re: Heathkit Hero Jr. Robot Kit Unassembled - Mint Box $1,895.00 -- Ebay
« Last post by MOONamp on August 17, 2021, 12:26:08 PM »
... and it sold!   It's all about making somebody happy.
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