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Author Topic: H-bridge choice/reliability  (Read 1501 times)

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H-bridge choice/reliability
« on: January 18, 2011, 09:10:28 AM »
Hey folks, I'm new to the forum and fairly recent to the bot building scene.  I'm an engineering student at Oakland University.  I'm on a team and for the class we have to build a stair climbing 'bot.  The 'bot will use 4 AME 210 12v 88in-lb motors to drive each corner.  The stall current for ta motor is 27.7A and no-load is 3A and a system voltage of 14v.  We're using a mini-dragon for the computing power. So here's the question.  Which h-bridge/motor-controller do you recommend?  We're considering the Robot Power "Simple-H", the SyRen "25A Regen", the Polulu "18v15 Simple High Power" controller, or the Sabertooth "25 Dual 25A" driver.  What do you think?   I've had a lot of experience with the Victor series, but they seem like over-kill for our application.


Ps. I'll post some pics/descriptions of the projects I've been involved in here at OU soon.


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