Author Topic: Try to attach a little (~400mA) motor in this schematic but it doesn't start  (Read 7301 times)

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I am a  programmer and I recently began studying some electronics & AVR programming.

I am trying to use a step down voltage regulator (LM2678-5.0 datasheet) to transform battery voltage (9/12V) into a suitable 5V. I am not using a simple LM7805 since this is part of a bigger robotic project, where I need to transform more than 1A, and it would be nice to spare energy (=less battery weight).

I built this schematic (photos below); with a 10kOhm load I get 5.02V; but as I attach a load to it, voltage drops. As example, as I attach a 20mA led, I get about 3V. I tried attaching a little (~400mA) motor, but it doesn't start (there's no voltage!).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

BTW,the inductors and capacitors has been chosen accordnigly to Texas Instruments online simulation tool.