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advertisement: the silicon horizon controller techFX
« on: February 21, 2007, 07:56:18 AM »
heres a new controller you guys may like!!

The Silicon Horizon techFX features the following

Performance features:
48Mhz Microchip 18f4550 MCU at 12 MIPS
Full speed USB 2.0 communications
bootloader through USB allows easy firmware upgrading
32K memory on MCU
256K memory on (2) 1 Mhz I2C EEproms
switching power supply for low heat, high current operation
dual voltage operation for running 12 or 24 volt motors, solenoids, valves etc
5 volt line on switching regulator upto 1 amp
external voltage line current upto 1 amp (wall adapter voltage)
low heat dissipation (<1 watt) from switching supply
2.5mm DC power jack (CP) for larger wall adapters
ability to run 12 and 24 volt solenoids,motors,valves
wide dc input 9-30vDC
main power switch and external voltage power switch which allow high current outputs to be switched off
4x5" dimension
31 total IO consisting of:

8 high current outputs through a darlington array
17 configurable IO featuring:
upto 8 A2D lines at 10 bit resolution
upto 2 PWM lines configurable from 3Khz-4Mhz**
all configurable as input or output
6 I2C bus headers configurable at 100,400 Khz and 1 Mhz speeds

when paired with a devantech SD21 servo controller, you can use I2C to control upto 23 servos total on board!! in addition to the above IO!!

designed for large scale applications, this controller can be programmed through the USB port and comes with free software and a bootloader!! Also the framework is prewritten so u can modify yourself in MCC18 C compiler.

heres some pics of the 2 controller setup

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