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Author Topic: TQFP AVR Package Solution  (Read 1981 times)

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TQFP AVR Package Solution
« on: April 13, 2009, 09:28:24 AM »
I just created my first circuit for Solderbynumbers.com Its an interface for the TQFP 32 pin packages used by AVRs. I designed it for something at work and thought I would post it online. It has instructions and works nice. The schmart board that I used is really handy for SMD type parts. It has small groves that hold the part in place while you solder it. This is just a basic interface and I will be building onto it later as I design other things. The schmart boards can be connected using these little plastic connectors and I plan eventually build an entire series of boards. One of which will be a $50 robot version. But to start things off I made a simple AVR interface.

I plan to build an entire set of these similar to what was talked about a while back on this site as a modular robotics system. Each board is cheap and I can use them as building blocks and connect them all together to make a bigger set. Anyway here is the link.


The documentation is for new people who don't know much about electronics yet. Most people here could build this circuit without help from anyone but hopefully later if my health stays good and after I move at the end of this month I can keep going and create some really cool stuff.

Jonathan Bowen
CorSec Engineering


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