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Author Topic: SSC-32 with Prolific USB to Serial Adapter  (Read 4106 times)

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SSC-32 with Prolific USB to Serial Adapter
« on: October 26, 2009, 03:54:57 PM »
Okay, I'm having a lot of trouble hooking up the lynxmotion SSC-32 controller to my PC. I'm using a USB to Serial adapter to connect to it but it Windows can't find the right driver for the cable, it seems. First it says it cannot find the driver, then it says in the different window a few seconds later to download the the appropriate Driver from "Prolific." It gives the link for the driver, and when I clicked, downloaded, and installed the driver it still wouldn't work.

I then found out that the driver appeared to be a little outdated, so I googled prolific and found the up to date driver. After uninstalling the previous one and installing the up-to-date driver, I only got the same results...

Okay, I can't remember where I bought the USB-to-serial cable, but the computer says its from Prolific. I don't think it came with any CD or anything.

Any idea what I should do? Any other driver I can use with this current cable?

I'm running Windows Vista Service Pack 2
I'm trying to get lynxmotion to work with Roborealm.
I've already wired power to the servo and logic ports of the SSC-32. The led goes on when I flip the switch and the servos move a bit, but I just can't get any control or connection to my PC...

I've also gone to the lynxmotion and looked up drivers, and I believe they do have a USB to serial cable of their own, but I can't buy it at the moment and I'm wondering if I can still use the one I already have.

Thanks in advance.
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