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Help with an old ATRV-mini


Hi guys.
Noob post here  :-[
I picked up this old iRobot ATRV-mini last week from an auction, its an awsome old machine.
I plan on getting it running but being 15 years old its hard to find info about it, I've managed to log on to its on board computer that runs redhat but thats about as far as I've got. I dont know much about linux but from the small amount of info I have I should be able to drive it through another computer over a network. Still working on that   :(
If anyone here knows about this old beast or had some info on it that would be much appreciated!

Heres some pics of it!

 8) Cool!  8)
Never heard of this robot, but definitely a robot
ahead of its time.(Linux) I would make a suggestion,
where permissible. Maybe the control board could be replaced
with a Raspberry Pi, to accommodate new technology, if the
control of the motors/sensors could be assimilated.
Good luck!  ;D ;D ;D

Yeah I'm looking at replacing the Motherboard with something alot later then using a roboteq motor controller.
It would be good to see one of the sample programs running before I modified it, it can follow with sonar and a few other things.
I'll just have to read up on Linux and try some more.

I have an iRobot ATRV here that we are looking to revive. I would imagine that the two robots have similar base components and both have rFlex boards for controlling motors, sensors... Did you manage to access the onboard computer from an external PC? or get it to work remotely And if so, how? Also, were you successful in replacing the original board with a new one? Right now I am only able to drive mine around using an old joystick, but we are looking to gain access to motor commands to control with a NUC or something similar.
Would appreciate any feedback you have :)


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