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Title: iAMrobot project
Post by: interbotic on January 20, 2010, 12:08:29 PM
Interactive Mobile Autonomous Robot (iAMrobot) project. 

Forgive me, I'm a nOob. 

Below is a video of a franken Furby mobile robot project.  Atom processor, various indicators (head movement, audio and LED), servos and sensors.  Scavenged electronics round out the stereo sound.  While still in the earliest stages of autonomy (sic), this beast is turning out to be a fun project. 

The video has for the first half the Furbot (still in its isolation test chamber- one can never be too careful after all; interactive audio training next) while the second half of the video demonstrates the crude Furbot rover (note head turns with anticipated direction vector, ir and bumper collision sensors only in the front, directional stereo audio; future holds smoothed movement algos and sonar for better environmental mapping).

Furbot (
Title: Re: iAMrobot project
Post by: Joker94 on January 20, 2010, 07:00:24 PM
Very nice. A beast of a platform ;D