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I would really like to get started in Robotics

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heard they're really buggy


Programming them are about equal difficulty.

Perhaps you can try both on your robot? The program for both are very similar . . .

--- Quote from: center on March 09, 2006, 04:36:50 PM ---So with a photoresistor i need to add another resistor and with the range finder i can just add it on and program it from there?
Hmmm... But then when you program it, you need to include different ranges for turning around. Correct?

--- End quote ---

Ive used the CMUcam on several robots . . . Despite my sucess with them, I highly recommend against it. I understand computer vision really well, but interfacing these are just really frustrating, difficult, and buggy. I do have my old program for it to use with the cerebellum, but its really messy written so I never put it on this site.

I have not however used the more expensive CMUcam2, perhaps programming with them are easier/better, I dont know.

--- Quote from: center on March 09, 2006, 05:38:42 PM ---What have you heard about the CMU CAMS.....easy to program as well?

--- End quote ---

Well then it sounds like iv'e got a green light...
I will possibly request some grants, i was thinking Northrop Grumman, (any others you know).
And there is a robotics club at GMU a local university and, i could get some help there for troubleshooting.
They know what they're are talking about, each year they get a $90,000 dollar grant to build (imagine that).
Well thanks for all the help, i will post pictures when all is complete.


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