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I would really like to get started in Robotics

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At this website here i found a tutorial on how to build a robot for under $50 dollars.
The setup excludes any type of microcontroller, and uses a computer and a transmiter to send data back and forth over a wireless network, also incorporating a video cam, speakers, and a mic.
Please elaborate on this because it sounds like a great summer project. And how would i make everything work through the computer? Would i need to design a program? Or are there ones on the web?
If you do decide to help me out, the page is poorly written and if you could please list all of the parts that i have to buy that would be greatly appreciated.

You have read this, right?

Yeap, that image is a stamp.

What you are confused on is the difference between an augmented microcontroller and just a microcontroller alone.

A microcontroller actually needs a bunch of supporting electronics for various things. You will need things like on/off switchs, plugs for batteries, pins to connect your sensors, buttons for whatever, fuses, timing crystals, a motor driver, heat sinks for your motor driver, special stuff for serial connections to your computer, LED's, etc. The list can get quite big. The cerebellum, or any augmented microcontroller, has all that extra stuff done for you.

There are also different types of microcontrollers, including BASIC Stamps, PICs, and Atmels. They all require different methods, and sometimes different languages, to program them. On that microcontroller page, the top image has a small black square in the center. That is the PIC based microcontroller. Everything else is augmentation. The makers of these augmented microcontrollers supply manuals that tell you how to use them, so I wont go into detail for that.

As for that tutorial you found, what you say it says is possible, but if it doesnt tell you how to do it, I wouldnt recommend it.

The general rule of thumb for a beginner is, whatever is easier to learn and do, is better.

Today i was surfing the net looking for more ideas and i came accross this....

This looks a lot easier to make and utilizes the stamp microcontroller...since this is bought as a kit do you think it has been pre-programed?

Quick question....

what type of controller is this


Because it looks like a great way to get started....what do you think?

With the pololu would i need to buy a handheld programmer or does it need to be hooked up to a computer?


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