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Author Topic: $100 award for simple robot with arm that can move every 10-11 minutes  (Read 3520 times)

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I. REQUIRED FUNCTION: I'm seeking a robot, machine or mechanism whose sole function is to have an arm or other extension that moves periodically (every 10-11 minutes) for about 8-10 hrs a day. The arm movement must not be so powerful so as to harm a keyboard.

II. PURPOSE: To press any key on a laptop or keyboard so as the computer does not go into logout/lock mode.

III. EXTRA REQUESTED FEATURES: Attaches to laptop or keyboard with clamps or other attaching mechanism so it can stay put while working.

IV. POTENTIAL FOR COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT: If the idea works elegantly and is a feasible one it will be considered for product development and marketed.

Thanks and I look forward to your ideas, responses and solutions :)

(note: I am not a robot builder or knowledgeable in robotics)

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why can't you just adjust your power management settings so the screen does not logout/lock?
find a software developer who can script a simple program to change management settings.

failing that you could use a USB device that emulates a USB keyboard.



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Exactly what I was thinking.
There are many solutions to this problem, but it really doesnt need a mechanical device.(even though Homer Simpson once used a pecking chicken to press his keyboard)

look at http://www.maaboo.com/soft/system/system_optimizers/1399Auto-Keyboard.htm

There are many solutions available already

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I have a device that acts as a keyboard and will automatically keys. See.   http://razorconcepts.net/usbdevice.html

If interested please reply, ican have it ready within a few days

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Why is this post screaming spam??? Really now...
For whom the interrupts toll...

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My first thought when reading it was for an anti-afk robot key presser for World or Warcraft or some similar game (since they ban you for software solutions to the problem if they can detect it).


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