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Hello all! I have recently gotten into robotics, I am about to complete my light-navigating robot. I am new to society of robots, however, when looking at forums posts, I see the "Society of Robots" logo everywhere; covering up text, in the middle of the page, etc. Is there a fix for this?

Also: how active are these forums in the present time. I think a robot forums website would be awesome, and the tutorials and resources here are of utmost use!


The forums are pretty dead now, just FYI, though there's still tons of useful information to be found it in. Yeah, I have no idea what's up with the logos; I see them too.

I have no idea whats going on myself, just started seeing this.

I'll try to fix it soon, out of town for a few days. Ugh!

Ok, finally fixed it. My .htaccess was wrongly redirecting certain files and Cloudflare cached it.


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