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ball potting design suggestion
« on: May 19, 2013, 06:08:55 AM »

I'm working on a robot for competition in which robot has 4 different coloured balls (golf balls).. the robot has to go through a maze, and pot all the balls to their respective coloured boxes. I need suggestions on how this could be achieved.

What I have in my mind is (pictures link below), that we have a top floor of the robot with some slope. Place a "plus" sign in the center with the radius equal to the diameter of the ball. and make a round wall on the edge of the plus sign so that the balls do not fall off. (wall not shown in the picture)
The plus sign rotates, so that we can bring the ball to be potted in front, then with the help of a gate (wall gate), we let go the ball to fall.

We are having torque issues in rotating that plus sign. The stepper motor that we are using, does not have enough torque. One more issue is, if the motor misses any step, it will not rotate the plus sign completely.
We can't use servo because it rotates only 180 degrees.

Please suggest me ideas on how can I do this?

Robot without top floor:

The floor:

Robot with top floor:

Robot with top floor, the plus sign and a ball:

The 4 balls on the plus sign:

Thank you


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