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Author Topic: Articulated Robot for Polishing Stainelss Steel component of weight lessthan 1KG  (Read 1645 times)

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Am planning to develop a articulated Robotic arm for polishing Stainless Steel Component of weight less than 0.5 Kg and thickness of the object is 0.3mm.

Bottle Neck in this project are

1. Object is a lunch of of dimesion 180mm.
2. Shape of the object may not be same, some may be in round, Square and Oval shape.So this has to be resolved.
3. Since we do polishing, two stages has be implemented a. Deburring using fibre wheel. b. Mirror polishing using smooth wheels.
4. Due to deburring, contact of object and polishing wheel is very high, so chances of vibration is high.

Based on the above parameters, designing and implementation has to made.
Can anyone help me in resolving my issues.

Jagadeesan Sankaran

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0.3mm is very thin, you're going to have a hard time holding on to that. Especially if the shape isn't known (bowl, plate, box, ...)
To me, this sounds more like a fabrication/workholding problem, than a robotics problem, so you may have better luck asking the question on a place like CNCZone or Practical Machinist.

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Thanks for your comment. If holding the component is the only problem, we can dedicately build a gripper for the compnent itself using a PVC or any low cost material. Pls update your comment...


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