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New robotic toy coming out!

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 8)  EXCELSIOR!!    8)

     Hello again to everybody!!

     I am streamlining the software loading process for you, as to make it as painless as possible.
I have found some vendors that will preload some of the freeware, which will make the robot
assembly faster, but will make the overall cost $5 - $10 more.
     I found a beginner robot enthusiast near me; and am working with him, to make the instructions
user friendly to someone just beginning robotics. He is helping me explain the things I
am overlooking, so it will make it easier for anyone who wants to build this, should have
no problem assembling it in a short amount of time.

  ;D  stay tuned, true believers  ;D same robot channel, same robot time!!   ;D


 8)  EXCELSIOR!!   8)

   Good day, True robotic believers!!

    I would introduce to you, a helping hand in writing your python scripts;   ;)

    streamlit program will help you write your python programs; which will be useful when you
hack my robot program when I release it. This program is free, but, as all software, will cost
you time in learning to use it.

    Another program, which is a starting point for cross platform programming is:  ;)

   This software gives you a basic, bare bones skeleton of cross platform programming. Not the best
of programs, but is a nice intro to information of cross platform programming.  This will help in your
desire to let your smart phone access the robot, for remote control, camera pics, software uploads, or
additions of IoT peripherals that you can imagine!!  ;D

    As to the main core of the freeware used, I will submit communities that focus more on the internals;
so you can go as far as you want to to accelerate your imagination on the robot!!   :)

    I will release more freeware advice that is helpful, for future concerns. So, when you get the
robot plans, you will already have supplemental info  to hack the robot!!   ;D

    Thanks for reading my post, and stay tuned, same robot channel, same robot time!!!   ;D

 8) excelsior!   8)

I would like to recommend a book that will help you with my new robotic toy!

 "Beginning Robotics with Raspberry pi and Ardunio"

This book gives a quick reference to all the main points that will make your
life easier with robotics, especially with my toy!!

 ;D see you same robotic channel, same robotic time!!!!  ;D

 :) excelsior!!   :)

   Hello, True Believers!  8)

   In my preparations to make this project as simple as possible, I
have found a company that sells the raspberry pi, the LCD screen, camera, AND freeware already installed!!!  ;D

     All you have to do, is build the mechanical, load my control program, and VOLIA! instant robot toy!!!   :D

     I had to do it this way, to simplify the programming issues that (believe me) would frustrate anyone. Loading
and compiling some of the freeware can be a task, and could take away from enjoying the robot.  :'(

     Although, slugging through these issues is what robotic  8) superheros do; but, that is one less thing you will
need to do.

     I am working with the company to make sure it works properly; if so, this will simplify the project greatly, and
reduce the cost of the project by approx $50 - $100 dollars!!!   ;D

 Thank you for reading this post!!  8) see you next  post, same robot channel, same robot time!!!!   8)

 8)  excelsior!!   8)

     Hello robot superheros!!

     In my plight for using stepper motors for "relative" precision required for my robot,
I have decided to try to use the Easy Driver stepper motor driver. With just a few pins from
the raspberry pi, you will be able to control 2 stepper motors with enough accuracy to
use the robot effectively. ;)
    I wanted to use the adafruit stepper motor hat, BUT, you have to download the library
and use their code; not bad, but will stray away from true python programming. I would like
to keep the programming language as pure as possible, without getting entangled with other
languages that might not even be in existence in 3 years, not to mention the stepper hat might
not even be available.  >:(
    I would like to keep this robot working for the long term, in which more applications can be
intuitively installed without involving a convoluted mess of languages, which only serve to
kill the learning curve and progress of the robot.  :'(
   You will always have the option to use other languages as add ons to your own apps, but the
basic cores (I think) should be a pure building block that can serve the future as well as
retro apps.  :-*
   I have attached the picture of the servo controller, in which I have heard good things about.
I am going back to the drawing board to accommodate these drivers, which will involve some
soldering skills, BUT, will be worth in the future, for simplicity of diagnostic and control.   ;D

  ;D see you same robot time, same robot channel!   ;D


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