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hi.. this is my first post
btw what a marvelous web u have... i just find this one today..
and i love it!!! thx man..

i have big interest in robotics, my major is mechatronic.. i already collecting some source from the internet, and i agree with u that no need to buy books, coz everything is on the net :)

now, i just want to share my collection. I have few ebooks, magazines, sources, etc in digital format. It is ok if i put it in your website?
maybe some of them are copyrighted???


Hmmm you have me interested . . .

But I dont know about this copyrighted part . . . depends on the material.

What stuff you got? I can possibly contact the authors and see if I can have permission to post things . . .

some robotic ebooks from hehehe
and some  robotic magazine..  ;D the lattest one

Could you send me links to their sites? Ill go have a look . . .


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