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       Hi Soeren and Dunk

           Remember the HMR3100 Compass......same guy.  Still going though the surplus equipment.  Thought this might be
      of Interest to the robot types...never know to you ask.
           Parallax Inc. ( BS2p 40 Modules.  Programmable Microcontroller, PBasic programming language.  How about
      Welthend WT50F5 (datasheet4U..ref discription) 8 bit UC w/ 8KB flashmemory an 8 ch 12 bit A/D conver & 16X4 lcd driver.
      I have the LCDs ..LOL.   Or .... RCM-3100 Rabbit Core microprocessor.
           Please check Web sites and let me know if there would be any use for them in the world of Robots.

                                                                                                            Regards, ZEE
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