Author Topic: I'm writing a story, and my heroine builds a robot. What kind of problems will  (Read 1982 times)

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she face?

Hello everyone, I'm a writer. I'm writing a superhero story, and my heroine loves to create different kinds of life, so she takes an interest in building robots. I wanted to make the process of her building a robot believable and accurate. Little details that would make someone who actually does this stuff say "Oh, this Hollywood writer actually gave a damn, that's pretty clever."

Her goal is to build a small spider robot that can walk around and has a voice synthesizer of some sort, and launch a small projectile from its back.


1) In basic terms, what kind of process would she go through when making it? I'm aware this is a possibly complex question, be reductive if necessary.

2) What kind of problems would she encounter, as a beginner roboticist?

3) Would she write her own programming? I think I read that pre-installed programs are usually written for robots, called microcontrollers, right? What kind of programming languages are used at first?

4) Where are materials obtained?

5) I read that Assembly is a very difficult programming language to use, and it's usually used for industrial purposes. If I want her to look smart, would making her use it do the trick, or would that be absurd?

6) What are some n00b mistakes that beginning roboticists make?

7) What are some signs of veteran craftsmenship?

If you took the time to read this, thank you very much! I'm aware this is probably a very bizarre kind of thread, but I figured it's best to do this kind of research by talking to people who love this hobby. I'm sorry if I come across as being some sort of tourist.

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Just simply read as many of the threads in this forum as you can. Every one of the questions you presented are in these forums and will be real life.