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Development Engineer Postion available
« on: December 10, 2007, 04:40:59 PM »
I had an offer for this position but I am in a contract till july and they need someone now.

Development Engineer (I have an intermediate and Sr. Level position for this position)



Performs hardware, software, or telecomm engineering assignments. Responsible for the design and development of software and/or hardware systems. Prepares product objectives and specifications from customer research. Systems can include computer systems, circuitry, components, instrumentation, peripherals, electronic equipment, operating systems/architecture, application software, user interfaces, etc. Develops prototypes of products. Documents work, tests, and solves problems. The Intermediate level is a composite of various levels in an organization between an entry (learning) stage and the senior (full competency) stage. Typically entry point for MS/MBA. Makes a significant contribution to the work team. Typically works with only moderate guidance on projects with a short-term focus. Continues on the steep part of the learning curve within a functional area. Individual typically has more than two years and less than 5 years of related experience.


This position requires both technical capability in the fields of FAX and networking and the personal and communication skills to interact with field support and customers on a daily basis. The candidate must have exceptional organizational skills and be able to work well with both development and the field.


C programming language skills.
programming experience in Linux/Unix and embedded systems development.
Any experience in FAX systems or networking is desirable.

the company website is

contact me through PM if you want the contact info.

Jonathan Bowen
CorSec Engineering


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