Author Topic: Looking for a cheap robot arm to buy  (Read 3119 times)

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Looking for a cheap robot arm to buy
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:10:12 AM »
I am looking for a robot arm SCARA or PUMA for about 3000 Euros (3500 USD) including controler.
Industrial robots prices begin at 20 000 USD. Used ones I think are not good idea (mechanical problems, old interfaces, etc).
Kits are very toys like.
AX-12 kit is only 850 USD. So I think should be a four times better product in the market.
I haven't found anything good.

Thanks you very much.
I want the robot arm to reach 40 mm and payload of only 200 grs, at the least.
To handle small workpieces (

Some of you have an Idea?

Thanks you very much.

P.D. And in additional I want to work with GNU/Linux, so this make thing more complicate right now but in future does not.
This Linux robot costs 20 000 USD


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