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Title: Mapping problem
Post by: troy on September 27, 2010, 10:35:31 AM
I got approve for my project vacuum cleaner robot that big name for me. But I really want to do that project.
I saw many post relating in mapping, I already read some posts and pages including Admin's waveform tutorial since I'm a member.

For my project,I have to mention the layout of obstales including wall and how many percentages clean. Here, I can do another separate device as a prototype(fake) for cleaning part. I can also present the map robot going area is assumed by that separate device. Important thing is robot's mapping.

For my research, I'm planning to used IR sensor(model not decide yet) and two motors(DC motors) driving by motor control circuit regarding PIC16f series. I'm studying C++ for my project's programming part.

Actually, I don't know too much abt mapping, I tried to study SLAM it's too hard I found using SLAM is impossible for my project. I read admin's waveform tutorial more comfortable than SLAM but I still don't got concept I mean I need to study more about that method.   

If i used waveform mapping what i have to do, I don't know the concept applying sensors for mapping.

I want complete my project project easy and cheap  plz  I need your suggestions. I don't know what I have this movement.
Title: Re: Mapping problem
Post by: Soeren on September 30, 2010, 03:58:03 PM
Hey, we could forge your graduation papers too... ;)