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Title: [CodeFest] Virtual Combat - An educational game of programmed robotic tanks.
Post by: codefest11 on February 10, 2011, 06:51:41 AM

CodeFest'11, the annual international online coding festival of Computer Engineering Society, IT-BHU presents VIRTUAL COMBAT (  to prove that Codes do fight. Virtual Combat is a competition designed as an extension to the educational game - Robocode (, where robotic tanks are programmed in JAVA to battle against other tanks in a simulated battlefield.

Why should you participate?

    * Exciting prize money of 35,000 INR
    * New features added to Robocode: Obstacles, Capturing the enemy flag, new rules.
    * Excellent platform to learn Java and other fields of computer science like artificial intelligence, robotic path planning and neural networks.
    * A fun-filled event where you can challenge any other team for the war and keep updating your code till you "build the best and destroy the rest".
    * Easy to participate as it takes just a few minutes  to code a simple robot, but perfecting a bot can take months.

So Register yourself (, Create your team (, Download the application ( and Get started (

Hope you fight hard. See you on the battlefield !


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