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atmega32u2 Bootloader Help
« on: January 01, 2011, 07:14:16 AM »
I have recently ordered 3 x atmega32u2,

I soldered the chips to breakout boards and have been experimenting with the bootloader that comes preinstalled.

after tearing my hair out for 2 or 3 days i now would like some help.

initially i tested the board with the internal oscillator, powered by the USB and the chip running at 5v. this would not connect to USB, or even register as a device.  Nor would this configuration allow ISP programming.

I then tested the device with a 16Mhz external oscillator, this allowed me to use ISP to program the device, however the fuses had been locked such that i could not alter the CLKDIV8 (Which i think i needed to untick)

thinking i needed to remove this fuse, i erased the device.

I have found LUFA which was designed for these microcontrollers, i compiled the basic bootloader and installed it on the 32u2. This meant my computer recognised that something was plugged into USB, but would not enumerate it.

To make matters worse, my PC runs Win 7 64 bit, for which the atmel drivers are non existant.

It is set up in the same way that

is set up, (only using a normal ISP header)

Does anyone have experience with LUFA, if so, Please Help



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