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First personal project.

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Magnetometers are really, really sensitive.  Normal compasses have a needle with a mass about 1000 to 10000 (or more) that of the MEMS magnetometer.  Thus, the distance at which the readings of the compass will deviate is much, much larger than it would be for a standard compass.


--- Quote ---normal compasses work fine around them...
--- End quote ---
corrado33, I was wondering the same thing, so I got a standard needle compass and walked by
a car and sure enough the needle was diverted, I have to agree with rbtying's post.

Back to the mowing deck.
I have finished testing the friction drive 38" cut path Reel mowing deck, and have scraped it,
too unreliable(too many things can stop it) also, with the mower decks six fixed wheels spring
loaded to the ground it required lots of energy to keep it tracking straight, while I'm sure with
proper alignment of the mower decks wheels the energy needed could be reduced, theres just
to many variables to be reliable.

Next test..38" electric motor driven Rotary mower deck(2 20" standard mowers for testing).

PS: With the deadline for the project looming, I sure hope my localization plan works.



Got a chance to test the Phidgets GPS.
does a good job in open areas.


Mule's first try at mowing in a confined area in CNC mode



tested motorized reel mowers this season.


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