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yea it would need to handle two motors . . . i find it strange most only handle one!!!

it should be able to handle a few percent higher than your motor voltage, but also handle the current too. some just overheat if your motors start drawing a lot of current. badness.

as for remote and reciever, you can still use any typical hobby RC package. your motor controller just needs to be able to accept a typical RC servo control signal. fairly universal i think. has some good Hitec remote controls and recievers.
you just need to be sure they are both using the same frequency crystal. make sure it is a land based and not aircraft based frequency!!!

recievers have multiple channels. you will need one for each motor, and another for each device you which to operate. most recievers have at least 3 channels. some have 7+

a servo plugs right into a reciever channel, easy for operating other functions

side comment: servocity customer service sucks. if they dont have the crystal you want, they wont tell you. instead they will special order it and mail it to you 2 months later without telling you. they also ignore ALL emails to them. and dont rely on the servo dimensional data, its often wrong  :(


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