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PCB assembly company recommendation?

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Check out http://www.olimex.com in Bulgaria.


--- Quote from: Admin on September 26, 2007, 01:14:23 PM ---I am designing a small PCB board with various SMD's on it:
a 100 pin AVR, a bunch of resistors, capacitors, and LED's - all SMD

If I wanted to manufacture this board (probably 100 or 200 units), would anyone know of a company capable of doing it?

--- End quote ---

Let us know who you decide to use.  I haven't shopped around much for this, and would like to know about alternatives.

I worked at company that used San Francisco Circuits for all their boards, easy to really high tech. You get what you pay for with them. They have really good customer service.

The best in-country house I've found is www.sunstone.com, formerly PCBexpress. Best quality boards I've seen, and lowest prices I've found. (For the quality i'd want at work)

Now did you mean the PCB fab, or the whole assembly including components?

I've seen Sunstone has a deal with another company (called screaming circuits) for complete turn-key assembly with components and all, but I never tried that before. But if it matches Sunstone board quality, it'd be a good bet.

I use Screaming Circuits at work. However, you can probably have it done cheaper by overseas assemblers like bittele , goldphoenix, myropcb. They have sales offices in North america as well.

One of my colleagues just had a shipment delivered from bittele yesterday. Haven't had time to discuss with him about the quality of the boards, but they look good, they were well packaged, the price was reasonable, and they came pretty quickly considering they were made in china.


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