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Using P-Channel MOSFETs as a switch
« on: May 03, 2016, 07:18:27 PM »

I have a question in regards to using P-channel MOSFETs as a switch to power a relay coil. I am trying to implement this sequential circuit below.  When this circuit is first turned on,  'fault' is 1 (indicating everything is good) and current will flow up until the second MOSFET. When you press the set/reset button, the relay latches on and will stay latched until the fault is 0.  Once fault returns to 1 0, the relay won't be powered  until you press the reset button again.

My question is... will a P-Channel MOSFET work as the switching device here or should I use something else like a solid state signal relay? I have only used MOSFETs when the source is at a constant voltage so I'm not sure if it will affect the MOSFETs behavior if the source is changing.

Note: The indicator light circuitry is also whats in the schematic. That shouldn't affect the circuitry of concern.

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