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I have made a large purchase of the Boston Swing 5300 mAh batteries and I am offering them here for sale.  For every sale I make I will make a donation back to the forum.  Shipping to the U.S. states only.

These batteries would be good for powering robots and are for those who want to forgo all the labor of finding and harvesting cells from used sources such as laptop batteries.  These are new batteries.  I also have the plastic holders for configuring these cells into battery packs and they make a nice solid pack. 

The battery specs for the Boston Swing 5300 can be found here:

And you can find a great test and review of this battery by forum member Thunderheart here:

I don' believe I can add anything to that except for a recommendation of spot welding these cells.  They can be soldered but due to the aluminum casing on them it proves harder.  I have soldered them but I recommend the spot welding which I have now gone over to regarding these cells.  In my opinion these cells are great for a robots, powerwall or other large battery application.  I have built a couple of 7S batteries that I am using for an RC controlled electric lawnmower and weedeater and the batteries perform well in that application.

I have several thousand of these cells and the pricing on what I currently have is:

$4.50 per Boston Swing Cell.
.60 per 2P plastic holder for Swing Battery
.70 per 3P plastic holder for Swing Battery

Prices do not include shipping for small quantities but I will ship the most cost efficient way possible.  Purchases of 20 or more batteries include free shipping.   Take note I will be offering these on Ebay at higher prices.  You can also check feed back there for confidence in buying.  The user name on Ebay is the same as here, headrc.

Hopefully this will be of interest as well as help the efforts here.  If this works out I will import more of these provided the current tariff issues don't raise the pricing too high.

See the attached pictures for the batteries and their holders.  Thanks everyone for all the great help and support you provide.  Just PM me if you are interested and we can discuss your purchase.  Send me a PM on here if you are interested in this or you can contact me directly at [email protected].   RH 

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