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Title: need help with a robotic watch arm
Post by: FADEDMONKEY81 on February 13, 2014, 07:39:02 PM
i want to make a watch the has a single handed design that rotates 330 degrees or so.  Is it possible to make a software/hardware installation small enough to put into the back of a watch?

Here's my concept, an RPM gauge watch that starts at the 7:00 position on a normal watch and goes to the 5:00 position and then spins backwards to the 7:00 like an RPM gauge in a car. No watch movements currently exist for this so im thinking a robotic arm is the solution?

Need help/advice from the robot community. I know nothing about robotics and would love some feedback. I have pics of my watch design but am very hesitant to  post it online at such an early stage of r and d.

Title: Re: need help with a robotic watch arm
Post by: jwatte on February 14, 2014, 11:53:20 AM
I don't understand what the robotic arm has to do with a watch.

If the device you're wanting to build is sized like a watch, then all you need is a small, flat, stepper motor, and a suitable battery and control circuitry. I don't know if you can get these off-the-shelf, but you can get them made. Battery life will be a problem.

Would you consider an electronic display? New "smart watches" like Pebble or Galaxy Gear allow you to display your indicator in software, which is much easier to work with and prototype :-)

Finally: Post your drawings! Nobody will understand your concept unless you do, and thus all advice you get will be poorly matched to the idea. In the start-up world (Silicon Valley, etc,) it's very common to release early (way before anythings "ready" or "good") and use all the feedback to improve the concept and design. It turns out, what you end up with is a much better fit to the market needs than what you'd get if you just used yourself as the only source of input until the end.