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Title: Looking for a good Algorithms - flowchart software for programming the robot
Post by: mekaci89 on February 15, 2014, 08:53:13 AM
Is there anyone would say me that " where can I find a Algorithms - flowchart software for programming the robot which will execute my commands on my robot. I saw on the internet some people are using this program. But where can we find and download it, what is the name of that kind of programs ? For which microcontroller that flowchart software can work propraly to programme our robot ? This software helps you to program your robot more faster really.

Anyone would help me about this issue please ?

I know C++, I got 2 C++ lessons in my university ( I am a mechactronic engineering student 3rd class this year at Sabancı University Istanbul/Turkey. At my university we choose our branch at 3rd  year and I chose mechatronics. at first year everyone sees the same lessons. At 2nd year you start to choose your wanted branch (job) 's lessons ; and when you start to your 3rd year you choose your job(branch whatever) and you only focus on your brach like mechatronics or any other engineering or anything else whatever you chose ) ;but I am new on robot programming now. I didn't get robot programing kind of lessons yet in my university.

Anyone would help me where can I start and learn robot ( robotic ) programming ? Please help me, thanks.

I wanted to start from a point ;so I was decide to use Arduino ;but it is some how complex really even it uses C++; it is different.

Some pictures for that flowchart robot programming software: ( (