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Title: "Record" and "Play" RF?
Post by: roschler on November 09, 2006, 09:43:20 AM
I have a device that allows me to record (capture) infrared from a consumer grade infrared remote control to my PC.  I can then use the same device or another infrared transmitter to transmit previously recorded byte codes from a computer program.  It works great and it allows me to control any consumer infrared device from my PC.

I have several hobby devices that are typical RF remote controlled devices.  I've talked to a few high level electronics people and they tell me not to bother trying to do with RF what I can do with infrared.  The problem of course being that the carrier frequencey for RF is vastly faster than that for infrared, and that means you most likely need to get into a professional analog to digital capturing board because a PC isn't fast enough (especially if it's not running a true "realtime" O/S).

But I'm hoping perhaps that someone has found a creative solution to this problem or has an idea.  I would dearly love to control these devices from my computer from software and I can't right now.  For example, I just picked up one of Hobbytron's palm sized RC Helicopters.  It would be so cool to attach a wireless camera to the thing and use my PC to "drive" it around the house instead of the remote control.

Title: Re: "Record" and "Play" RF?
Post by: Admin on November 11, 2006, 01:15:50 PM
You could if you want hack the RC controller, then control the controller with a computer.

RC controllers have knobs which control potentiometers. If you attach servos to those pots instead, your computer can control the helicopter . . . just an example.

there are other ways to hack the controller too, depending on the device.
Title: Re: "Record" and "Play" RF?
Post by: Kohanbash on November 11, 2006, 07:31:20 PM
While probably not a problem you ll have.
i was hacking a wireless controller after spending hours trying to figure out why i couldn't transmit properly  i realized the wall i was leaning on had metal studs. as soon as i moved the controller it started to work perfectly.
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Title: Re: "Record" and "Play" RF?
Post by: Admin on November 28, 2006, 09:08:18 AM
check this post: