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Title: AVR speed benchmarks; how to calculate time to do stuff
Post by: Admin on January 23, 2009, 04:54:37 AM
Have you ever wondered how fast your processor needs to be for *your* algorithm?

This really neat benchmark list is what you need to calculate it. Its based on Avr-gcc version 4.2.3.

So lets say you are using the Axon, at 16MHz.

16MHz = 16000000 clock cycles per second

Now lets say you want to know how long your Axon will take to calculate cos (1.2345).

Looking at the chart, you see 1665.

Doing the math, that's:
1665/16000000 = 0.0001040625 seconds, or ~.1ms

Ok so it doesn't benchmark some stuff, but it does cover most of the more processor intensive stuff.