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Newbie to Robotics with 3 questions......
« on: December 11, 2010, 05:38:54 PM »
Hello, I have a question regarding what formal name and more detailed description  can be  given to the technology of using a Video recorder to record bodily movements that can be recorded on CAD software so Range of Motion, with a human hand for example, and the information saved for monitoring and eventually leading to Fine Angle Control for a unit.

 My goal is to have the unit that I hope to work on emulate human body movements with a very high degree of precision and I know this has already been demonstrated in movies, but I interested in accomplishing this in real life. 

1)The link of Robot Sensor Interpretation has given me an idea of Line equation generation but what technology are others using, hopefully reasonable in cost, that will allow one to wear perhaps even a device to help a unit track movements for recording to CAD or other software that will can eventually uploaded thru a bootloader with Sor Slope? or another method. Any advice is appreciated.

2)Also if any one out there is familiar is CAD software I'm also interested in turning digital photos into animated pictures and being able to manipulate certain images in these pictures and changing their locations. Any feedback on this as well as to how to accomplish this as this program will also be uploaded to microcontroller.

3) Is there another term for .hex files and does any one know a tuturial link of how to create them from scratch to upload them to a bootloader. I have several Ideas of what I want my potential units to do but of course I need to put them in a correct format for uploading .


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