Author Topic: Exoskeleton or device that can exert 200 lbs?  (Read 1490 times)

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Exoskeleton or device that can exert 200 lbs?
« on: December 04, 2011, 01:16:09 AM »
What components would you look for in an exoskeleton in able to exert around 200 pounds of force in a up and down motion? From my understanding electronic servo motors are used for their effieciency and power density in a small package. Hydraulic actuators are chosen for their ability to deal with carrying very heavy loads such as in this exoskeleton: HULC

However even the exoskeleton I just posted is unable to EXERT large amounts of force it can only carry it. What kind of solutions can one look towards to create force in a vertical motion? Brushless motors caught my attention for being lightweight and powerful and are commonly used on RC products. Something that describes the motion of movement I'm looking for would be this: New Lazy Hawk gearbox test

This particular device uses a brushless motor, electronic speed control, lithium ion batteries and a few other components from what I understand. Can such a device, if scaled up, provide the amount of force I'm looking for? What deviations would be required in order to manually control the up and down motion myself?

To sum my post up I'm basically looking how to create a device that can exert around 200 lbs of force in a up and down motion while being able to control this motion with my own body.

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Re: Exoskeleton or device that can exert 200 lbs?
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2011, 05:43:45 PM »
just as a brainstorm you might try a hydraulic actuator in opposition to an air shock. 


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