Author Topic: My Draganflyer V Ti ~Pro QuadCopter  (Read 5136 times)

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My Draganflyer V Ti ~Pro QuadCopter
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:32:51 AM »
i have seen quite a few quad-rotors here so i thought id share mine.

Draganflyer landing gear close up
Draganflyer v ti rc helicopter with camera phone (crash)

unfortunatly no longer sell the DFv. (Discontinued) but you can still buy the parts to build one. but this is a great opportunity for those wishing to sell theirs, as there is now more people wishing to buy.

They are now concentrating on Innovative UAV Aircraft & Aerial Video Systems™ for commercial use. this is their new range:


Jonny Poole,


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