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Futaba Servos
« on: December 20, 2010, 12:29:18 PM »
I've been reading some other posts about Futaba servos, like the ones pertaining to Aiko's new hand. I've been googling other sources of information about Futaba servos versus Hitec.

Right now, NINA uses all Hitec Servos. Ai-Bot said that he preferred Futaba for his application because they were less noisy and didn't burn out so much. The servos on NINA are very noisy and annoying. Plus, last Halloween while she was greeting trick-or-treaters, her shoulder servo burned out. It was a Hitec Heavy-duty power servo from ServoCity and was pretty expensive!

I'm thinking about asking ServoCity if they can replace some or all of my robot's power servos with Futaba power servos so they are less noisy and don't burn out too easily. Would anyone here recommend this for my application? The main risky area, I think, is her robotic arm. It has about six degrees of freedom with several hitec servocity power servos and I don't want them to burn out like the last shoulder servo did.

If Futaba are more expensive, that's not a terrible concern for me. I'm interested mainly in quieter gears and longer-lasting performance.

I also read somewhere that Futaba servos aren't as precise as Hitec. Would anyone concur with this?

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