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Robot with Axon II
« on: December 29, 2010, 05:45:04 PM »

I finally put everything together and created a robot with the Axon II.

The goal of the robot is to follow a flash light but during this it has to avoid obstacles and be "confined' inside a certain area.

Also I'm experimenting with the TPA81 in the sense that if the robot detects a difference in temperature it is almost certain that a heat source ( human?) is near there.
Actually I tested it-I had a simple infrared sensor that when it reaches a certain value, my robot activates the TPA81-starts scanning for temperature differences.
To find out if this is a living being I have an X-Band motion detector, so if there is a heat source that moves then most probably it's a living being.
For the light following I have two simple photoresistors left and right of the body.
For the obstacle avoidance I use a Maxbotix sonar and a Sharp infrared sensor at the front and a Devantech SRF05 on the rear ( in case it has to move backwards).
For the enclosed area I have a small reflectance sensor that has a fixed know value to compare, in that case my Floor.If the robot finds itself on a carpet, it moves back and tries to find its way out.

Now, the code has become complicated because I had to give some "priorities" to my robot: Priority one is to avoid bumping on stuff around the house and priority two is light following.
My problem is that the robot spends more time avoiding obstacles than chasing the flash light.Since the code runs "serial",
I'm not satisfied with the way my robot works.

So, I was thinking of finding some basic AI algorithms and try to apply some basic "rules", like letting the robot "decide" about its priorities.

I'm aware that a robot is not a human and can't do three things at a time, and maybe I ask too much and should be satisfied with a robot doing one thing only.

But, why not try to push the limits on this?
So, any suggestions about where I can find some AI stuff to work with?

by the way, to Admin: the Axon is an excellent piece of work, I have four servos on it, 8 sensors doing their own stuff ( one of them in I2C), 4 LEDs and it works perfect.
It's the best microcontroller I ever had for robots.



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