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Hi-Torque CNC Mill for making parts
« on: September 13, 2011, 09:37:54 AM »
For all you who want to build your own parts or better parts, a CNC machine is golden. I just bought this machine package this summer in the hopes that I could start making my own parts but financial conditions have not been good for me so I must sell the whole package. If you are interested the kit is as follows:

Little Machine Shop Hi-Torque Mini Mill & Tooling Package including:
•   LMS Hi-Torque Mini Mill
•   3" Precision Milling, Heavy Vise
•   Vise Mounting Kit
•   7/16' T-slot Clamping Kit
•   T-slot Cleaner
•   20 Piece End Mill kit (2 & 4 Flute)
•   10 Piece Parallel Set (6")
•   7 Piece R8 Collet Set (1/8,3/16,1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4)
•   5 Piece Center Drill Set
•   1-2-3-Blocks
•   Edge & Center Finder

Probotix 4 Axis Green Monster CNC Stepper Motor Driver Kit including:
•   4 Probo Step VX Uni-Polar Stepper Motor Drivers
•   4 HT23-400-8 400ozin Stepper Motors
•   PBX-RF RF Isolated CNC Breakout Board
•   40VDC 10Amp Linear Power Supply
•   6ft. DB25 Male-to-Male Cable
•   4x 4" IDC Cable 10-pin

CNC Fusion Drive Kit including:
•   Mini Mill Kit #2
•   Little Machine Shop X2 Upgrade
•   # Pre-Loaded Ballnuts

4” 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck w/Adapter

3x Heavy Duty Limit Switches w/Lever

EMC2 CNC Control Software

All parts are Brand New and together this package costs over $2560.00. I am selling the entire system for $2000.00. At this price you get over 500 dollars worth of electronics free. E-mail me @ [email protected] if you are interested or have any further questions, Thank You.


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