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Author Topic: Slip Rings/Angle Sensors/Axles  (Read 1678 times)

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Slip Rings/Angle Sensors/Axles
« on: November 14, 2011, 07:38:28 PM »
Hi all. I have a couple questions for those familiar with mechatronic hardware things.

I'm looking for some type of [(angle sensor) + (axle) + (Perhaps a slip ring as well)] all in one. The slip ring is necessarily going to be in the final project that I'm using it for but I could get a slip ring separately.  I was particularly concerned however of how to attach an angle sensor to an axle from two separate.

Regardless I need some way to combine a slip ring (electrical contact through a rotating connection) into an axle along with an angle sensor. How would I go about doing this.

Moreover... I don't even have a good idea for what to buy... what sizes... what tools I'll need to build this thing..

The project is a controlled double pendulum... I'm trying to control it to swing it up and keep it inverted...

here is a rough picture I drew of why I need such a complex [(angle sensor) + (axle) + (Perhaps a slip ring as well)] all in one:


Excuse the sloppiness of the drawing... It's a concept drawing only.

My intuition leads me as far as .. "Ball Bearings sound good..." for mechanical construction... It's a daring project i'm undertaking for an electrical engineer.
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