Author Topic: Has anyone used this gyro/accel board from  (Read 2517 times)

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Has anyone used this gyro/accel board from
« on: July 09, 2007, 03:45:09 PM »

I've been looking for something to help me out with a balance bot..  and I need gyro's to tell me not just 2 directions of movement, but all directions.   My understanding is that 2 gyro's together can give me 360 degrees of sensing..

So if I am falling at 45 degrees(3 O' Clock) then I would have "falling" detected on both the 0 degree and 90 degree sensor..  and would simply move to balance that.   As such, only two sensors are needed, one can tell 0 and 180, other is 90 and 270.   The acceleramtors are to counter gyro drift.. so that if it is at an angel for more then a second, I can continue to have accurate readings, and counter its drift(which would tend to tell me its balancing itself out).

And yes, I am planning a ball balancing bot..  and yes, i do relize it will be a huge PITA and probaly not work but I feel its a great learning experience.



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