Author Topic: $50 Robot Parts in Australia  (Read 3954 times)

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$50 Robot Parts in Australia
« on: July 15, 2007, 06:11:46 AM »
Hey all, I'm starting out on robotics but I'm from Australia so the parts list for the US isn't as much help to me as it could be...

I can get most of the stuff from Dick Smith/Jaycar and any other electrical store but I'm having a bit of trouble with the ATmega8 AVR chip. I found a Jaycar listing that I think is the right chip but I was wondering if someone would be able to verify that it is the right chip, the website is  http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=ZZ8753&CATID.  I'm also wondering if anyone knows where I can get a programmer for the chip as well.

Im also trying to find out if anyone knows where I would be able to get the specific servo motor and linear regulator from as well,  and whether digikey and radioshack would send to Australia if I can't find the exact parts.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: $50 Robot Parts in Australia
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2007, 02:35:25 PM »
Thats the right part, but its $19.95 . . . waaaaay overpriced.

For your other questions, try this:

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Re: $50 Robot Parts in Australia
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2007, 03:30:40 PM »
hey, there's probably better options locally but when i'm traveling i usually look here for the basics:
http://www.rs-components.com/full.html and

and while digikey dosn't seem to have a AU base (http://dkc1.digikey.com/us/en/mkt/International.html) i'd be very surprised if they didn't ship there:


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Re: $50 Robot Parts in Australia
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2007, 06:21:36 PM »
You live in australia. Well there is someone that is from egypt and another one ( me ) from puerto Rico.
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